From the bottom of the lake

Script and performance in collaboration with Dima 


The scene opens up with a dramatic lighting

the body of Michelle is being dragged it Whilst that is going on an eerie voice in the backgrounds which starters being louder and louder screams out—

Michelle! Michelle!



Following this we have two figures in the scene of interaction

one is the narrator aka the voice of inner Micheele? and the Michele herself? who has lost the ability to communicate.

The voice says dramatically with 1, 5 and 2 second pauses in between

Nightmare Nightamre Nightmare 

First being loud, second one is whispering and the last one with an improisng and stern voice. During each nightmare, Michelle shakes and gets up, spitting out water each time. The first motion should be very exaggerated, second one quiet spitting out and the last one is te one that brings her into this world, should be dramatic


Michelle (29), a librarian working in OBA, a public library of Amsterdam, was found unconscious on the shore of the lake after she went missing for 12 days. Shortly after she woke up, she requested to bring her a glass container filled with the water from the lake. Since then she holds onto the container with water and refuses to speak.

Narrator then sees Michelle coming to their senses. trying to communicate with her might be difficult, So there is a lot of comedic back and forth. She is trying to says something but the narrator thinks that OBA is actually Occult Baddie Academy where she is trying to recruit members  by. When there is a reveal Michele gets turned and signage is revealed on the shirt:

I know, you know, we know what you really are.

After laying for 12 days on the bottom of the lake you have transformed and you’re not longer just an average assistant in the library. Now, she’s becoming self proclaimed head of

OBA, and Occult Baddie Academie!

In the next sequence Michelle is making weird sounds by singing to the jar filled with water. Narrator announces that the reqruitment process will start in the blink of an eye. Michelle continues making sounds and Narrator is hiring a new team for Michelle’s new endevor, an Occult Baddie Academie. 

The narrator then seeks people in the audience and asks Michele if they are a good fit and what kind of role they can play. Handing out badges to selected few and whispering to them some sweet promises.

  • ≋B≋i≋t≋c≋h≋ ≋f≋r≋o≋m≋ ≋t≋h≋e≋ ≋w≋e≋t≋n≋e≋s≋s≋ ≋f≋i≋e≋l≋d≋

    ≋H≋y≋d≋r≋o≋s≋e≋x≋u≋a≋l≋ ≋s≋o≋r≋c≋e≋r≋e≋s≋s≋

    H≋y≋p≋e≋r≋s≋e≋a≋ ≋c≋u≋n≋t≋ ≋

    ≋P≋r≋i≋e≋s≋t≋e≋s≋s≋ ≋o≋f≋ ≋d≋e≋e≋p≋ ≋f≋l≋u≋i≋d≋i≋t≋y≋

    H≋a≋r≋b≋i≋n≋g≋e≋r≋ ≋o≋f≋ ≋t≋h≋e≋ ≋r≋i≋v≋e≋r≋b≋e≋d≋

    ≋N≋y≋m≋p≋h≋e≋t≋t≋e≋ ≋o≋f≋ ≋h≋y≋d≋r≋o≋c≋o≋m≋m≋o≋n≋s≋

    ≋S≋p≋i≋t≋ ≋

    But then Narrator focuses solely on Michele trying to see who she is. Asking that question prompts Michele to get agitated and shaky, mumbling faster and abruptly.

    Narrator is surprised and says- -

    I kinda knew you were like this.

    Narrator spits on the badge and pins it onto Michelle’s uniform.


  • performed in Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam as part of the Reject Festival on 8.10.2023 thanks to the magic of Laura Eager (click)